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Dear qualified candidates only (prior LOGCAP experience and or international experience),

Balkans Consulting has partnered with a US staffing consultancy company, Precision Talent Solutions (PTS), who specializes in U.S. government contracting hiring. PTS is founded by two industry executives to connect talent with opportunities, and they work with most of the prime contractors on programs in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia including AECOM, KBR, Fluor, DynCorp, PAE, Vectrus, SOSi, Sallyport, and many others. PTS is on several of the LOGCAP V teams, and they also work on other overseas DoD and DoS contracts. Since we want our candidates to get maximum exposure in the industry, we ask that you take the time to ender the data on this platform as we have several pipeline positions that our clients will be hiring for very soon.

When overseas positions open up with the various prime contractors, your profile will already be completed and you will be “short list ready” for presentation to the clients. This entire process will take approximately one hour of your time and is best done in one setting. Make sure you use Chrome or Firefox browser and you have electronic copies of your career documents readily available    

In addition to above, during the application process, online you must add your resume, all the certificates, diploma related to the field of expertise, Passport copy, Driving License.

More over you it is mandatory that you complete your profile and the tests, that are specific to the position you are applying.

In conclusion, in order to be considered for any of the positions listed below you are also obliged to finish the 3 minutes interview (mandatory). The system will offer you options to do practice before you finish it. Please uphold a professional dress code while conducting the interview.

Below are list of positions open, that we invite all qualified candidates to apply, below we provide the instructions that take you directly to the system as well as the interview itself.


Airfield Operations Specialist – FNB position

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97191.html

Video Interview Link:  https://hire.li/5c8b893    


Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/90612.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/a6ce0e3


Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/90420.html 

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/cd49279

Crane Operator

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97155.html

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/305ae51


Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/87328.html

Video Interview Linkhttps://hire.li/b648455    

Fire Alarm Technician

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97154.html

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/050d9a5        


Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97057.html

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/bd4836b      

Firefighter Lead

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97061.html

Video Interview Link:  https://hire.li/1303b98

Food Service Worker

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/90402.html

Video interview link: https://hire.li/a2c8310   

General Labor

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97056.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/186cda4    

HAZMAT Technician

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97051.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/f1c7f75     

HVAC Mechanic

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/94179.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/f7f2b0a

Incinerator Operator

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96873.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/3e831a6

Laundry Attendant 

Job Description link: https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97193.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/f7feae7      

Maintenance Specialist

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96871.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/c4d1704     

Materials Control Specialist

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/94038.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/9ec634e

Vehicle Mechanic

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/90578.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/244133b

Medical Admin Assistant

Job Description link https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96498.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/5f33d8c

MWR Coordinator

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/99089.html  

Interview Link: https://hire.li/eca4204  


Job Description link https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96496.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/e46bb7c

Party Chief

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/97188.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/e9c18ed  

Radiology Technician

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96555.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/51a91e0

Staff Physician

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/84112.html

Video interview link:  https://hire.li/da00691

System Administrator

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/90404.html 

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/c141bc2

Tool Toom Clerk

Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/94039.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/4329ff9

Transportation Coordinator

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96866.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/af21fe3    


Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/90403.html 

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/5ee1d51

Water Plant Operator

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96851.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/e6b58ab       


Job Description linkhttps://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/94019.html

Video interview linkhttps://hire.li/938e41f

Work Control Specialist

Job Description link:https://precisiontalentsolutions2.prevueaps.com/jobs/96840.html  

Video Interview Link: https://hire.li/e2a16ae        

If you have any questions, please contact us at: jobs@balkansconsulting.com

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